AC Merchandising

AC Merchandising

Advanced Advertising Concepts

We enjoy digital forms of guerilla marketing, it is fun to create and deploy interactive DVD video presentations, immersive flash based product and service demonstrations and other forms of advanced media delivery for great products and services.

If you are interested in getting the word out about excellent products or services contact us for some considerations. We enjoy taking product or services and considering all the various methods for reaching the target audience. Some products lend themselves well to flash style presentations, such as cell phone features and other hi tech media that has many animation possibilities for showing off it’s strengths. The target audience for gadgets like these are well suited for flash presentations.

If your product or service is geared towards an older generation then DVD presentations with clear audio and video tracks and large well written supporting text can be an excellent way to promote your product or service.

Of course there are many other methods of advertising and promotion that we employ depending upon your needs. We can help create an up to date marketing plan that includes everything from google adwords, blogosphere reviews and more. We are of course familiar with old hat marketing methods such as radio, tv, print and more.

We have a great team of marketing professionals that would be happy to assist you in reaching your target audience efficiently and cost effectively. Contact us for a free email consultation.